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Fully Automated and Computerized Pathology Laboratory and X-Ray, Sonography Centre.                           Technologies used : PCR, Flow Cytometry, RIA, CLIA, Elisa, Nephlometry, Biochemistry, Haematology, Sonography, X-Ray                           
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General Instructions
•One can drink water for any fasting blood test.
•For fasting blood sugar minimum 8 hours fasting is necessary
•Post lunch blood sugar is collected exactly 2 hours, after completing the lunch at regular time.
•For diabetes or any other disease, continue the prescribed medication as usual, after fasting blood collection.
•For lipid profile / triglyceride, patient should be starving for 12-14 hours. Also avoid consumption of heavy meal, ice-creams, sweets, alcohol etc... 48 hours prior to blood testing
•For routine urine analysis, freshly voided urine is collected in a clean container, preferably at the laboratory.
•For semen analysis, optimum 3-5 days abstinence is required. The specimen should be preferably produced at the laboratory in a clean container or should be bought within 30 minutes to the laboratory after collection.
•For PSA testing, avoid for 7 days rectal examination, per rectal USG as this may give false elevated readings.
•For serum B-HCG level, LMP, USG findings is necessary.
Microbiology Instructions
•All culture specimens must be collected in a sterile container.
•For urine culture, a freshly voided clean catch aseptically collected sample of midstream urine is required, preferably before starting antibiotics.
•For sputum culture, deep coughing of the sample should be collected after gargling the mouth with water.
•Tissue culture specimen should be collected in sterile saline.
•For blood culture ask for BACT-ALERT blood culture bottles specifically designed for adults and children.
Tests for which fasting is required:
10 - 12 hours fasting is required for estimation of S.Triglycerides, Fasting Blood Sugar, Thyroid and Lipid Profiles. Fasting means you should not have even tea or coffee. You can have some water. Although other tests do not require fasting blood sample, it is preferred that you submit the sample before breakfast.
Collection of Urine Sample:
Kindly collect a labeled container from our laboratory. You must collect early morning midstream sample for best results. After collection, the sample must be sent within 1- 2 hours to the laboratory.
Factors that affect test result:
a. Timing of sample collection.
b. Any drug has to be stopped before getting the test done. For more information please contact your nearest lab.
Ideally sample should be tested immediately after collection, especially urine and stool samples.
How lab tests are analyzed?
After a blood sample is collected from your body, it is analyzed in a laboratory. Laboratories perform tests on the sample to see if it reacts to different substances. Depending on the test, a reaction may mean you do have a particular condition or it may mean that you do not have the particular condition. Sometimes laboratories compare your results to results obtained from previous tests, to see if there has been a change in your condition